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1. Quality Documents:

CP ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate - Download

ROHS Statement for All Products - Download

Reach Statement for All Products - Download

Conective Peripherals Statement on California Proposition 65 Download


2. Product Change Notices (PCN):


Part Number   Document
ES-U-2001               PCN_CP_001_ES-U-2001
ES-U-2101-M   PCN_CP_002 ES-U-2101-M
ES-U-1101-M   PCN_CP_003 ES-U-1101-M


3. Product End of Life (EOL) Notification:


Existing Part Numbers

to EOL

Replacement Products

Part Number 

 ES-U-1001-C10  ES-U-1001-R10 (Bulk)        EOL Notification
 ES-U-1001-C10 (Bulk)
 ES-U-1001-C100  ES-U-1001-R100 (Bulk) 
 ES-U-1001-C100 (Bulk)
 ES-U-1001-R10  ES-U-1001-R10 (Bulk)
 ES-U-1001-R100  ES-U-1001-R100 (Bulk)