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The USB2-H-5002-M is a dual-channel USB-to-RS485 communication module. The integrated electronics use the FTDI FT2232H device to provide Hi-Speed USB to Serial conversion along with RS485 level shifters. The latest FTDI drivers include support for Windows 10 and Mac-OS X. The USB2-H-5002-M is enclosed in a compact and rugged metal housing which can be free-standing or wall-mounted.
• Standard USB-B device connector for connection to a USB host or hub port
• Provides half-duplex RS485 level signals (Data +, Data -, GND) on DE-9P (DB9-Male) connectors and 6-way terminal blocks
• Automatic transmitter control enables the line driver when the USB2-H-5002-M is transmitting data
• Additional 5V output available on the terminal blocks to power external circuits (max 80mA per port when the unit is powered from the USB port)
• Indicators include a Power LED and Tx/Rx LEDs per port which provide a visual indication of data traffic
• Powered from the host USB port, no external supply required (a 5V external supply may optionally be connected)
• DIP switches enable termination and echo if required
• Maximum RS485 level data rate of 8 Mbps
• Uses royalty-free FTDI drivers for Windows, Mac and Linux (including Mac-OS X and Windows 10)
• Fully RoHS compliant and CE and FCC approved
• Operating temperature range: -40oC to +85oC
• Dimensions: 79mm x 81mm x 24mm (width x length x height)
• Supplied with USB cable and wall-mount brackets
Also available in 1 port4 port, 8 port, and 16 port adapters.
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Datasheet 1.2 DS_USB2-H-500X-M_FAMILY